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A Beginners Guide to Microdosing Mushrooms

In 2022, the world is in something of a mental health crisis. It’s estimated that 26% of people aged over 18 in the USA suffer from a diagnosable mental health issue, and with skepticism toward prescription drugs at an all-time high, it’s no wonder that people are seeking new ways to treat themselves. Many are choosing to microdose psilocybin.

How Does It Work and What Are the Benefits?

Magic mushrooms have been used for their psychedelic effects for generations, for spiritual and recreational reasons alike. To microdose psilocybin, you’re essentially taking a small, sub-perceptual hit of the hallucinogenic substance, less than you would need to feel the psychoactive effects.

Microdosing psilocybin can help to increase focus, combat the symptoms of depression and anxiety, treat PTSD, increase empathy, generally maintain a stable mood, and much more.

Dosing Guide

When first beginning with a microdose regiment, you might be concerned about going too far in either direction. That’s why we’ve put together this mushroom dosing chart, so you can fully understand how best to approach your quantities.

Here’s our simple dosing chart:

It’s also worth remembering that for your first microdose to start off with a low dose and feel it out before going with anything higher. We suggest starting with the 100mg Uplift Blend.

Dosing Protocols

As far as how often you take a microdose there are a few different microdosing protocols to consider. Everyone is different and psilocybin interacts with them differently. We suggest keeping a microdosing Journal or another tracking system, monitor how you feel daily. This goes for both dosing days and non-dosing days. Microdosing can only do so much. The real power lies in the individual. A microdose without a set intention and daily practice may provide great results, but it's the deep work that delivers long-term, powerful results.

Fadiman Protocol

One of the most widely known microdosing protocols is the Fadiman Protocol (also known as Beginners Protocol). In order to observe the effects of microdosing by clearly distinguishing between days when people are microdosing and days when they are not, Dr. James Fadiman designed this protocol.

· DAY 1: 1st microdosing day

· DAY 2: transition day

· DAY 3: normal day

· DAY 4: 2nd microdosing day

CYCLE: Continue this cycle for four to eight weeks RESET: Two to four weeks rest

Every Other Day Protocol

According to some microdosing coaches, certain people can benefit more from microdosing every other day. When microdosing for medical reasons or psychological challenges like depression, social anxiety, ADHD/ADD, migraines, or cluster headaches, this can increase its effectiveness. Therefore, this is a great microdosing protocol to consider.

· DAY 1: 1st microdosing day

· DAY 2: transition day

· DAY 3: 2nd microdosing day

· DAY 4: transition day

CYCLE: Continue this cycle for four to eight weeks RESET: Two to four weeks rest

Concerns and Answers

Before you choose to microdose psilocybin, you may well have some well-warranted concerns, so we’ve put together this list of common questions and answers.

Will I Feel High?: No. If you microdose properly and responsibly, either by following a detailed guide such as this or by using pre-made capsules/chocolates/oils, you should feel no intoxicating effects.

Is it Illegal?: Canada’s legal situation regarding magic mushrooms is complicated, while more and more dispensaries are still appearing every day. There are loopholes and conditions in place, but you are highly unlikely to get into any trouble for microdosing.

What About Side Effects?: Psilocybin is considered by many scientists to be the safest recreational drug a person can take. With a microdose, you should never experience a reaction that’s notably negative, and if they don’t agree with you, it will never strike in an intense or dangerous way.

For more information on microdosing magic mushrooms and psilocybin, and to browse our microdose products, visit our website today!

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