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Reduce Anxiety with mushrooms microdosing
Boost Creativity With our Microdoses
Improve Mood With Spor Microdose
Increase Productivity
Microdose Mushrooms
Spor Microdose Uplift 200mg

We truly believe in the power of psilocybin and the incredible benefits it can bring into the lives of Canadians. We are at the forefront of the psilocybin movement and we want to take you on this journey with us. We provide Canadians access to high quality micro dosed psilocybin.

"Thank you Spor Microdose ! I tend to struggle with energy levels.. always up and down..due to anxiety and other mental/physical battles that block my focus and clarity. I dont take anything as I dont want to become dependent. So these little magic pills are exactly what i was looking for. I've micro-dosed before but these are LIFECHANGING! So many other goodies in here to help relax your mind to help with focus. This is the future. Huge thanks


magic mushrooms canada


We use the best security including SSL and PCI compliance and an encrypted email service for payments. We will never share any of your information, guaranteed.

100% Satisfaction


If you are not 100% satisfied with your order we will refund your purchase. If your order  is lost by Canada Post we will reship your new product at no expense to you.

High-Quality magic mushrooms canada


Our medical psilocybin growers all have 10+ years of experience in growing psilocybin. They know how to produce the best quality medicinal psilocybin.

Free Shipping


For all orders over $150 your shipping is free. If your order is lost by Canada Post, we will reship your new product at no expense.


magic mushrooms canada
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magic mushrooms canada
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